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This itinerary includes several stops for swimming and lunch on board a plate of pasta with drinks – water, wine and coffee served at meal time).

The island of Zannone is part of the Circeo National Park since 1979 and is patrolled by national rangers.

Its rocks are mostly morphological and sedimentary in origin.

Zannone offers nature lovers and walkers the possibility to explore an itinerary inside the park, where there are the remains of the Cistercian convent.

In the forest you can encounter some specimens of bighorn sheep that live on the island. After the inland walk, the tour continues by exploring the island by sea.

The boat takes about 50 minutes to reach the island from Ponza’s harbour. Once arrived those who wish can taka a walk inland.

Zannone retains a variety of plants of botanical interest. The grove of oaks, one of which is extremely old, like something out of a fairy tale. In the Cavone del Lauro two massive oaks dominate the scene.

By following the path laid by the Benedictine monks, you arrive to the caretaker’s house, where the Marquis Casati stayed (which now houses the forest ranger staff).

Near the building, rise the ruins of a medieval monastery called the Holy Spirit. The effort required for the short climb is amply repaid by the wonderful panoramas that open up once you get there.

From Mount Pellegrino, 194m high, whose name derives from the peregrine falcon that lives permanently on the island, you can admire both the southern and northern side of the island.

The most adventurous can visit the Peschiera Romana, located in Varo, carved into the rock and accessible through an internal staircase.

A small colony of wild sheep has lived on the island for a century.

After the excursion, the boat starts the route around the island coast, which allows you to visit Cala Grottelle, the Rock of Monaco, the Punta di Levante, the Punta del Lauro, the beach of Calcara, dominated by a dolomite and limestone cliff and the Cave the Mariuolo with homonyms Rocks.

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