Double tour line: Ponza & Palmarola


This itinerary includes several stops to allow passengers to swim and lunch on board (plate of pasta with drinks – water, wine and coffee served at meal time).

This route has an itinerary less detailed compared to those for the single islands and it’s ideal for those who want to have a panoramic view of the two islands.

Leaving from Molo Musco, the boat will sail close to the coast towards the south-eastern side of Ponza up to Capo Bianco, with a stop at the Grotte di Pilato.

From here the 40 minutes journey towards the island of Palmarola starts.

Once there, the boat goes around the island stopping at the beach called “O’ Francese”.

Once the circumnavigation of Palmarola is completed, the boat returns to Ponza and carries on the trip around the island in the same direction. Next you will be able to see the enchanting Lucia Rosa bay with its evocative stacks and Cala Feola and its Piscine Naturali. Followed by: Cala dell’Acqua, Cala Fonte, Cala Felci, Cala Gaetano, Spaccapolpi, Cala Inferno, Cala del Core, Cala Frontone.

Once the round trip around the island of Ponza ends the boat returns to the main Port.

No dogs allowedNO DOGS ALLOWED

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