Grotte di Pilato e Faraglioni miniline



Trip incudes a return journey to Frontone Beach

Leaving times:

11.15 / With a stop for swimming in "Chiaia di Luna" Bay / - about 2 hours

13.00 / With a stop for swimming and lunch on board / - about 2 hours
Unlike the departure at 15.00 after the Faraglioni della Madonna, the boat to the Natural Arch and from here continues to Cala Inferno, Cala Core, Piana Bianca and finally the beach of Frontone, where you can stop and then return with the boats who make the round trip service to the beach, with the same ticket as the mini line.

15.00 - It lasted about an hour.

For groups specific times can be arranged.

This is a short length itinerary – around 1 hour – and it does not include stops for swimming. The sites are explained by the captain and they include the following locations:

Ponzio Pilato’s caves, also known as “ Murenaio Romano”, an ancient work from the Roman period. The marine plant includes four indoor pools, linked together by underwater tunnels, and one outdoor disconnected from the others. The remains of a roman villa, dating back to the 1st century A.D. which belonged to the emperor Augustus Octavius.

L’arco dei Topazi, the Promontorio and the Faraglioni della Madonna, which are named after an ancient effigy representing the nativity of the Virgin.

The Parata beach and the Parata Vecchia or degli Scotti.

The Faraglioni del Calzone Muto.

The Bagno Vecchio, or old penal bath.

The Scarrupata, an extraordinary backlog of rocks crumbled over time.

Punta Guardia, named after the mountain above, in the southernmost part of the island, where there is the eponymous Stack,


Eventually, the boat will arrive to the beach of Frontone. Here you can stay as long as you want and come back later with one of our beach boat lines.


No dogs allowedNO DOGS ALLOWED

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